with Joshua Penrose

Friday, February 6, 2015, 6-9PM

Artist talk at 7PM

Nick Bontrager returns to Aurora Picture Show with SIGNALS, an interactive new media project where the audience participates in the program by shaping the content and creating the dialogue. Toying with the interaction of a virtual self and the idea of the Mechanical Turk, SIGNALS is an interactive video installation utilizing artificial artificial intelligence, allowing the viewer to visually communicate directly with a projected entity while bridging the gap of science-fiction and near-future technology.

By sending a cellular text message, visitors will create Morse code messages that are flashed to a virtual representation of the artist on screen via a military signaling lamp. The artist will then respond from an unseen location, signaling back to the participant through video in Morse code with a similar lamp. Visitors are invited to decode the video response, thus customizing the content and crafting a unique exchange. Taking place in different biomes and locations reminiscent of film history (forests, deserts, an iconic bridge from the 1986 film Stand By Me, etc), SIGNALS creates the illusion that the character in the film is communicating directly with visitors in real time.

There is no specific start or end time for this project, just come in and experience the installation for a long you like. The installation will remain on view through February 13th, 2015 Monday-Friday from 11am-2pm.

The Aurora Picture Show
2442 Bartlett St
Houston, TX 77098

SIGNALS: a Nick Bontrager film from Nick Bontrager on Vimeo.

SIGNALS – limited edition lenticular print from Nick Bontrager on Vimeo.